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An online application for  ``VISA TYPE D``, which is issued for longer stay of 91 to 180 days in the Republic of Serbia, has been acitve from May 20th, 2021. In order to apply for visa mentioned above, please follow the link:


Application is bilingual in English alphabet and in Serbian Cyrilic and Latin Alphabet. 

  June 28th, 2021


It is mandatory to schedule appointments for the following consular services that require a personal presence at the Consulate General:

- Verification of signatures on powers of attorney, authorizations, consents and statements;

- Applying for a passport;

- Submission of a request for the issuance of a travel document;

- Applying for visas.

It is not necessary to be personally present in the Consulate General for the following consular services which can be provided by mail, for which a "Money Order / Bank draft" (Consular Fees) and a return envelope with a legibly written address and the name and surname of the recipient are required:

- An application for admission to the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia;

- Request for determining the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia;

- Registration of newborn children abroad;

- Registration of a merriage concluded in Canada;

- Issuance of customs certificates;

- Certification of the seal and signature of the notary public;

- Issuance of certificates of authenticity of driving licenses;

- Request for the issuance of a impunity certificate;

- Issuance of birth and citizenship certificates of the Republic of Serbia.

If you need a consular service other than the one listed above, please contact us by email at the following address: gkrstoronto@rogers.com . Thank you for your cooperation and undertanding.


Day of Serbian unity, Freedom and National flag

September 14th, 2021

Day of Serbian unity, Freedom and National flag

Serbia and Republika Srpska are celebrating a joint holiday for the first time - the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and the National Flag. It is celebrated on September 15th, the day when the Thessaloniki front was broken through in 1918 close to the end of the First World War.

In all municipalities in Serbia and the Republika Srpska, squares and central streets are decorated with the National and State flags of the Republic of Serbia. This holiday will be jointly celebrated in Serbia and Republika Srpska and in all areas where Serbs are around the world, symbolizing the unity of the Serbian people.

The timeless symbolism of this date is reflected in the fact that it is the day when in 1918, after more than two years, the Thessaloniki front finally broke through and the process of liberation of Serbia began, which ended on November 1, in just 45 days.

"In the fall of 1918, the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki front began. Few of the allied forces in World War I could then have imagined that this side battlefield would soon gain such importance, and that about 62,000 soldiers of a state that many no longer even believed would decide the outcome of a victory that was practically ended the First World War. "

Therefore, please expose and wave Serbian flag where ever you are on Septemebr 15th.


Campaign for the protection of property rights of Serbs in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Septemeber 9th, 2021. 

In the Federation of BiH, the harmonization of data on real estate catastre and land registers is underway, the so-called data harmonization. During this process, members of the Serbian corpus may lose the right to property, which is in their ownership or possession.

An obstacle to the registration of property and other property rights in the Federation of BiH is the fact that invitations to property rights holders are not sent in person, and in many cases the state, entity, canton, municipality or person who uses Serbian property without authorization is registered as the owner.

Having in mind the above, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Serbia has joined the activities in informing members of the Serb people originating from the Federation of BiH who are in the diaspora, to contact the Office for Professional Legal Assistance of the Republika Srpska on the following contacts:

Phone: +387 554 90 940
Viber WhatsApp: +38765 090 040
E-mail: pravnapomoc.banjaluka@rgurs.org
Facebook and Instagram> @kancelarijazapravnupomoc

Contacts of the Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Serbs in the Federation of BiH:

E-mail: odborzazastitupravasrbaufbih@gmail.com
Facebook: @srbiufederacijibih
Twitter; @OdborF


Marking the Remembrance Day of all Serbs who died and were expelled in the armed operation "Storm"

5 August 2021





The President of the Republic of Serbia, Aleksandar Vučić, attended the marking of the Remembrance Day of all the victims and expelled Serbs in the armed operation "Storm" and said that Serbia remembers!

"Today, when we remind ourselves again of what happened in August 1995, the terrible pogrom, the expulsion of more than 250,000 Serbs, the exodus and ethnic cleansing, we, at the same time, and finally, remind ourselves of who we are, what we are, where we come from and where we are going. Thank you all for being here together tonight and for showing how much we love our people", said President Vučić, adding that we will not forget any of the things that the Krajina people had to go through.

"For us, these are not just terrible numbers of victims", said President Vučić and emphasized that Serbia will not forget.

"History has never been rewritten like today. That is why I want to remind us all not only of what others have done to us, not wanting us to exist, but also of what we have done to ourselves, just as if we ourselves did not want to exist", said the President, noting that we must never again allow Serbia to forget its silent heroes.

President Vučić emphasized that we must never again cover our eyes, ears, and mouths in front of something that truly was a pogrom and the downfall of all humanity.

"Pretending that this is not true, avoiding saying it, is a crime not only against the victims, but also against ourselves, every living Serb, people from Krajina, as well as Serbia and its future", said President Vučić and underlined that people can stand up straight and live with themselves and the others without hesitation, fear and doubt, only if they remember.

President Vučić pointed out that Serbia must fight for peace and cradles with children, as well as that not remembering annuls and erases us from the history and the future, depriving us of the right to tomorrow.

"Our mission is a happy future for us and for the new generations! Today's Serbia is based on a clear identity and a culture of remembrance", said President Vučić and reminded that everything that had been neglected for decades had been done, and that a strong Serbia has become the master of its own destiny.

"Eternal glory to you, Serbian martyrs who perished in the "Storm" and all other pogroms. Your children are in their Serbia, taken care of, loved and successful. Sleep peacefully, Serbian falcons, the future of your children is our vow", concluded President Vučić and thanked everyone who showed that night how much they love their country and that Serbia remembers.

Source: www.predsednik.rs
Photo: www.predsednik.rs


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