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November 23th, 2020


For your and our maximum possible protection against KOVID 19 viruses, the Consulate General carries out activities in a modified mode of operation with mandatory compliance with epidemiological protocols.

This means that only persons who are not infected with the KOVID 19 virus can come to the Consulate General, exclusively for a previously scheduled appointment.

It is obligatory to wear protective masks during your stay in the premises of the Consulate General. If you wish, you can use your own pens, ballpoint pens (not graphite pens), and protective gloves.

Having in mind the announced measure of the obligatory distance of 2 meters between persons, only two persons are allowed to be present in the Consulate General at the same time. Only unaccompanied persons can come to the Consulate General. The exempted are parents with underage children and people who are in need of assistance.

Please do not come to the Consulate General earlier than five minutes before the scheduled time, in order to avoid waiting in front of the entrance or in the building where the Consulate General is located, which is not allowed by the building administration rules.

It is mandatory to schedule appointments for the following consular services that require a personal presence at the Consulate General:

- Verification of signatures on powers of attorney, authorizations, consents and statements;

- Applying for a passport;

- Submission of a request for the issuance of a travel document;

- Applying for visas.

It is not necessary to be personally present in the Consulate General for the following consular services which can be provided by mail, for which a "Money Order / Bank draft" (Consular Fees) and a return envelope with a legibly written address and the name and surname of the recipient are required:

- An application for admission to the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia;

- Request for determining the citizenship of the Republic of Serbia;

- Registration of newborn children abroad;

- Registration of a merriage concluded in Canada;

- Issuance of customs certificates;

- Certification of the seal and signature of the notary public;

- Issuance of certificates of authenticity of driving licenses;

- Request for the issuance of a impunity certificate;

- Issuance of birth and citizenship certificates of the Republic of Serbia.

If you need a consular service other than the one listed above, please contact us by email at the following address: gkrstoronto@rogers.com

Thank you for your cooperation.




Passing away of His Holiness Archbishop of Peć, Metropolitan of Belgrade-Karlovci Diocese and Serbian Patriarch Mr. Irinej


On the occasion of the passing away of our Serbian Patriarch Mr. Irinej, I express sincere condolences to his family, the Serbian Orthodox Church, the Canadian Diocese and its Most Reverend Bishop Mitrofan, the clergy, the Serbian community in Canada and the entire Serbian people.

Consul General

Vasilije Petkovic

Virtual book of Condolences 


Day of Serbian unity, Freedom and National flag

September 15th, 2020

Day of Serbian unity, Freedom and National flag

Serbia and Republika Srpska are celebrating a joint holiday for the first time - the Day of Serbian Unity, Freedom and the National Flag. It is celebrated on September 15th, the day when the Thessaloniki front was broken through in 1918 close to the end of the First World War.

In all municipalities in Serbia and the Republika Srpska, squares and central streets are decorated with the National and State flags of the Republic of Serbia. This holiday will be jointly celebrated in Serbia and Republika Srpska and in all areas where Serbs are around the world, symbolizing the unity of the Serbian people.

The timeless symbolism of this date is reflected in the fact that it is the day when in 1918, after more than two years, the Thessaloniki front finally broke through and the process of liberation of Serbia began, which ended on November 1, in just 45 days.

"In the fall of 1918, the breakthrough of the Thessaloniki front began. Few of the allied forces in World War I could then have imagined that this side battlefield would soon gain such importance, and that about 62,000 soldiers of a state that many no longer even believed would decide the outcome of a victory that was practically ended the First World War. "


NIkola Tesla Day - July 10th, 2020, Niagara Falls

July 10th, 2020

Nikola Tesla Day - July 1oth, 2020 Commemoration. Due to the current situation related to the coronary virus pandemic, as well as the state of emergency in Ontario and imposed protective measures by the Governemntofn Ontario, the ceremony had an unofficial character.

However, despite the limiting factors, a number of people from the Serbian community in Ontario appeared, as well as children from the Serbian school Nikola Tesla from Niagara Falls, wearing Serbian folk costumes and holding  Serbian and Canadian flags.

The informal ceremony was attended by its organizer and host Borislav Zivkovic, the Coordinator of the Serbian school, the Serbian Orthodox Priest of the Church of St. George in Niagara - rev. father Milorad Delic, Member of the Federal Parliament of Canada (MP) - Tony Baldinelli, Mayor of Niagara Falls - Jim Diodati and Consul General of the Republic of Serbia in Toronto - Vasilije Pektovic.

Students of Serbian School Nikola Tesla from Niagara Falls, coordinator of the Serbian School Borisalv Zivkovic, CG RS in TO Vasilije Petkovic and rev. father Milorad delic ( by the monument).

MP Tony Baldinelli, Mayor of Niagara Falls Jim Diodati and CG RS in TO Vasilije Petkovic.

CG RS in To Vasilije Petkovic and Coorditanor of the Serbian School Borisavl Zivkovic.


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